Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Can I Use Generic Battery For A Canon Camera Can Using A 'Generic' Battery In My New Digital Camera Damage It?

Can using a 'Generic' battery in my new Digital Camera damage it? - can i use generic battery for a canon camera

I bought a digital camera, a Canon brand lithium-ion used. Aparantly took about 160 pictures with flash, looks good!

But the problem is with rechargeable batteries, that if you lose your job, you can not purchase to the nearest store and some more. So, I want an extra one or two when I'm on vacation. The purchase of spare parts bettery Canon $ 70.00 plus postage. I can not find generic brands SOOO much less, and say that they are compatible with my camera.

I am delighted with the opportunity to break them or damage affected my camera if I can use my universal charger.

Has anyone used generic batteries for your camera, and if so, do not function well? AA I'm tornCells in other cameras do not harm them, even if you buy a cheap brand, but do it with specialized batteries ... Not sure!

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  1. For more than twelve months, I use a lithium-ion as a generic replacement for my Canon Digital SLR and works well. But then I bought him a businessman of good reputation and prestige of the brand - and certainly not very, very "cheap" (not) Canon.

    He also ordered the Canon battery charger - no problems so far.

    It can break or damage the camera? Yes! It's the risk you take, even with the battery from Canon. This is true, how much you are willing to pay for a decent battery. Nobody can guarantee that all batteries, the camera is not damaged. Or replace "lifetime warranty is no consolation, because if you damage the camera - without the camera stays in the repair and / or loss of your precious photos.

    We hope this informationInformation will help

    Edit: do not use the reference to void the warranty on the Canon battery is not true. As the manufacturer of the device to wait for the safety of others, when all the cameras do not have their own batteries - especially those with AA or AAA.