Friday, January 22, 2010

Brazilian Butt Pictures In Dc I Think My Swimming Trunks Tan Line Is Sexy. Am I Weird?

I think my swimming trunks tan line is sexy. Am i weird? - brazilian butt pictures in dc

You see, the land we live in the tropics. Therefore, its been all year long sunny summer No, in general, with the exception of occasional rain.

I live in an apartment so many times to swim and sunbathe by the pool n I took a Speedo swim wear trunk below the waist for maximum sunlight, so you have a nice tan.

Therefore, I am not too dark for this line in my ass for a bathing suit, the area covered by trees not exposed to sunlight. n my ass pubic area is pale, while the rest of my skin is brown chieftains.

I think my line is so sexy ... I like it. I am also attracted by the pictures of porn stars No porn porn movies in which the female star with one bikini line has ... a rule of its kind in Brazil.

Am I strange?


  1. To each his own ...

  2. Yes, you are -.-
    But not everyone? ^ ^