Sunday, January 31, 2010

Taking Xanax After Drinking Is It Ok To Drink After Taking Xanax For A Panic Attack?

Is it ok to drink after taking xanax for a panic attack? - taking xanax after drinking

I had a massive attack on 5ish. I have a bar and a white peach in a time of one hour. For over 3 hours. I took a long nap. and now want my friends to drink a beer. I?


  1. Xanax can cause problems psychomotor relatively long, the impact of the problems that information processing and memory, and has the same alcohol. The combination of alcohol with alprazolam (Xanax) is additive. Sense of purpose combine to more than one (1 +1 = 2). Xanax has a half life of 10-15 hours are, but major contracts for 3-4 hours after the last use involved. It is unlikely that you, if you add alcohol to die, but will strongly discourage the consumption of alcohol until tomorrow. If you must drink, limit to distribute their beer and drink more than 40-60 minutes. Finally, even if the alcohol effects the reduction of anxiety in some people and low doses is not effective for long-term use and other medical consequences. If you have a panic attack, it is unlikely that the alcohol can help. In fact, probably have the opposite effect in time.

  2. ITS NOT OK to drink after taking a drug.

  3. I do not want to drink in your best interest to today.