Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Offroad 4 Cyl Engine Will My Jeep Survive Offroad?

Will my jeep survive offroad? - offroad 4 cyl engine

I have a Jeep Wrangler 88 with only 45K miles on it. It is a 4-cyl 2.5L engine. In Rancho RS 5000 shocks with 4INCH lift and 30x10 tires. How safe is it for me in the mud and rocky trails? The shocks are really too heavy.


  1. No Doubt! ROCK has also YJ's!

    You must remember that, when he was leaving his YJ, Jeep Rubicon, all nominal. It was not just a part of your marketing campaign, but on truth.

    The main criterion is that you must have the ground clearance. Your offer 30-inch tires not much in the way of ground clearance. If you do keep in mind, and laid great stones in the tires and not on your body, then it should be good. Vayas Smashing Pumpkins (Pumpkin-axis) and always ready to go!

    In order to clarify certain other items that come all the 4cyl YJ with 4.10 gears.

    Yes, we know the Rancho RS5000 very difficult. The SuperRide Superlift for the 1988 Jeep Wrangler is available with lift 4 ". It is an economic shock therapy that good driving conditions on roads. They are about $ 32/each. I would not jump with them but they are gentle off-road driving .

    The shock is harder, not always better. A more generally milder in the industry to a patch in the largestGround. A slight shock in May also allow leaf springs with less force. Still another advantage.

    EDIT: NOAH, no guesswork here. It's called Yahoo Answers Yahoo guess not. A shock will not prevent the body from vehicles in the slide step. The sources you provide. A crash cushion is assumed that only the springs and rebound, while the springs, the weight of the vehicle ... if it is straight and level or on a mountain or on a slide.

    My next point is wrong ... The Quick Disconnect function in the roll bar is not held in cash at the axis fully expressed and may be replaced by the Empire. Quesy feeling? What are you talking about?

    O ||||||| or only in a jeep!

  2. Remember, the quick is your need, or you will be a little queesy after one or two hours after he was thrown around ... But everyone has a good tip for you .... Larger shocks is good in the curves of the road but off road is a kind of personal preference, what kind of work best .... I like em because they keep the body roll in the steep slide to .... Following are some ground under his belt, and try different gears, we have a better idea of what you prefer ...... Good luck and take it easy at first, to learn what happens ....

  3. Yes, instead of on the street. Much of it depends on you whether, if carried through rough terrain, ready to replace a part here and there. I care, and do it wisely, you have much less time. I have a 1993 Renegade of the road with him. I have not found not even one page. But I use my head in most places. Have Fun