Monday, February 1, 2010

Paradigm Infusion Set Pictures Type 1 Diabetic Having Trouble With Infusion Set (Insulin Pump)?

Type 1 Diabetic having trouble with infusion set (Insulin Pump)? - paradigm infusion set pictures

Well, recently I had problems with my infusion set. I am in insulin infusion with Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm pump fast. Recently, when I said he did not like insulin. I really do not know how to describe, but basically, if I accommodate a new game somewhere (which are always above on my belly, front / side / rear) always makes my blood rise, that this is not my insulin. So should I change, 5-6 times and it's really frustrating.

So my question is, is there a place I could put what happened? And this is done to someone? Could it be they do not deliver the insulin properly in areas with high fat or low? Thanks for any help.


  1. I am also in the paradigm. I, however, I do not play fast, I use the silhouette sets, and I love them. Sil-serter is frightening, place sets itself, and I've never had problems with poor absorption or poor. You may ask your document to another type of test infusion system?

  2. Can I believe you have a problem with the insulin pump itself?

    Has your doctor this question?

    My uncle and my father has diabetes and uses a quick-set, here are some websites that may help are: ...

  3. Make Ur put in place. When is the wrong place, the region has doubled in the U. U could try the thigh, but the area next to the Uruguay Round of the umbilicus to the left or right, 2 inches apart works best, and not above or below the navel . well, back to the area of fat in ur. not even the website, but u can not produce enough insulin, u probably need to change your basal rate or bolus injection. but u should consult your doctor before you change the settings for the first time during the Uruguay Round.

  4. There seems to be a problem in the bomb, not a system problem infusion. Call Minimed and they describe what you have mentioned here. You can help. Your pump may be needed to see. Minimed is really good at it ... One day you go to a pump to use while yours is being repaired.

    Make sure you call your doctor. You need to inject insulin to come Loans pump.

    You may have perfusion defects. It is known to occur. It is also possible that you should consider switching to another type of ensemble considered. I use the packages from Silhouette and I love her. Also call Minimed.

    Type 1, with a paradigm 722nd

  5. If you said, "Quick-Set," I have not read. These things are terrible ... I want to be taken off the market because many people (including me) had chronic problems with them. The needle twists and curves, or samples of muscle, so that insulin can not exist.

    You need to insert the silhouette style at an angle of 30 degrees. You can even an angle of 15 or 20 degrees, while the tube is placed under the skin. This is a long needle, because it at an angle, so if you move, walk Sil-serter device under the skin. I use it all the time ... Minimum discomfort and it works every time, no problems.