Saturday, February 6, 2010

Auto Immune Disease More Condition_symptoms Can A Person Pass On An Auto Immune Disease Without Having It Active In They're System?

Can a person pass on an auto immune disease without having it active in they're system? - auto immune disease more condition_symptoms

My mother and sister are both autoimmune diseases, but no sign of them ... But I thought my newborn baby may have a ... But someone told me that you can not skip, and that an entire generation passed, it would be active on my system is that true?


  1. I do not know what autoimmune disease is a disease, but I also have autoimmune diseases (lupus), one of my aunt, but no one in our family. My aunt had three children whom they do not "have appropriate" and always by my doctor if they have children to decide which way my son has said is rare and there is just one way it is possible that genetic and if It is not the case, whether or not I had a torch at birth. I believe that most autoimmune diseases, not only because the mother, child ... Inheritance is a strange hope that your daughter is not. But remember that if you and the rest of the family are in a wonderful position to help deal with her! Each of you know firsthand what it is and you can talk and help by the feelings of people when they discover that they have a disease like this. Hope this helps and good luck to you and your family!

  2. Even if you are not active on your system, you can submit it.

    It may also be more prominent, but also its partner genes have confirmed that your son as soon as possible.