Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dirt Bike Racing Birthday Theme New Dirt Bike But Can I Race This?

New dirt bike but can i race this? - dirt bike racing birthday theme

Well, when my father gave me a nice 2001 Yamaha YZ426 for my birthday .. (first dirt bike!), I wondered if I could really dirt bike for this?
My friends say they never heard that a 426cc motorcycle racing and may not be able to race?

I am 13 years enough for the race?

plz info is greatly appreciated


  1. You are old enough. They will compete against the 450, but if you're right - do not make a big difference. Racing driver is 75%, 25% bike.

  2. the yz426 serious balls dude .. that 450 rape .. and you can a bike .. I suggest getting a new chassis, even before you try to jump .. and if you want to see the cyclist who tell themselves against the 450 4stroke and 250 2stroke and the truth .. If this is your first bike to compete. They Eat You Alive, and you would be happy to remove a race without the surface .. I like the use of bicycles on the roads, Feild, ditches and other things and you get a 250F if you want to ..

  3. and 13 is old enough to race. I've never heard of a 426cc bike, and I'm not sure about racing in him. "I go a little bit to see if it is comfortable and if you deal with some jumps. If it feels good, I think the race would be perfect