Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tv Center Pro .net Framework Error Pinnacle 3010iX TV Tuner Not Working On Windows Vista 64-bit!?

Pinnacle 3010iX TV tuner not working on windows vista 64-bit!? - tv center pro .net framework error

Hello, I bought a Pinnacle Hybrid TV Tuner for my PC, but not so that it works.

It was only my operating system is Windows Vista Ultimate (64 bit), so I installed the TV card and driver is correctly installed and recognized Vista 64-bit drivers for the card compaitable in the management equipment and working properly, "he said.

My problem is the Pinnacle TVCenter Pro software supplied with the TV card. This is not Vista 64-bit compaitable if I want to run it, just say ". NET Framework is not installed 2.0. Please install the. NET Framework 2.0, I checked the site and no change in the TVCenter 64-bit and Vista compaitable are.

My Windows Media Center operating system is installed, but if the analysiscan not recognize the services. I have also tried SageTV wouldnt race on my PC, because of Java or something. BeyondTV this is not detected over 12 channels when I was in the test screen only black horizontal line with no audio and green with a strange, ChrisTV BeyondTV also found that 12, but the black screen and the odd lines and green. This also leads to some blue screen crash error.

Please tell me why it can handle only a black screen on the software and what software or how to get Windows Media Center's work.

The signal is then in definantly because the ceiling is the air that my Freeview box it comes in and compaitable with the TV card.

Thank you!

Hardware: Pinnacle PCTV Dual 3010iXHybrid TV Tuner Pro
OS: Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit
Video Card: SAPPHIRE 11125-00-20R HD3450 256MB PCI-E 2.0


  1. Could a problem with drivers, hardware or software. This problem can be solved by uninstalling the software, updating device drivers and configuration changes of minor importance. By You can also log in with a free scan utilities

  2. Pinnacle and I have a look, but since I am running on 32-bit