Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Flash Drive Nazi Zombies I Keep Importing Game Saves From The Internet But It Just Doesn't Co-op With My PS3?

I keep importing game saves from the internet but it just doesn't co-op with my PS3? - flash drive nazi zombies

I downloaded the volley of GameFAQs.
I opened it, and no PS3> SAVEDATA-> BL bit
So I sat in the root of my flash drive then plug in the USB --
I took the game data utility, but no USB option. There are photos and videos
Can someone me a complete tutorial or link for me, because I Nazi zombies who want to play without winning the game

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  1. suck get a PS3 because Xbox

    Seriously though, Sony is smart theyprolly you update the software after leaving the trap, so you couldnt get the file in the act of using your editor hacked or Modded PS3 or any type of content has been registered and approved to fight Microsoft illegal play play legitimate or not.