Thursday, February 4, 2010

Component Composite Adapter How Can I Make An Adapter To Use A TV As A Computer Screen?

How can I make an adapter to use a TV as a computer screen? - component composite adapter

I want to make a component to VGA, composite or S-Video adapter. Whatever easier. I do not want to buy an adapter, but I can see the composite video and VGA to VGA, S-line sales, looking for easy to use.


  1. No, you can not use this adapter.

    The VGA to component or S-video or composite adapter for use with graphics cards that have a VGA port built-in specially suited for the transmission of signals. The adapter does not work with a VGA connector.

    A VGA output directly to a TV Component YPbPr, S-video or composite a converter, the electronics to the VGA signal YUV, S-video or composite translate needs.

    VGA, YPbPr, SVID, and composes all the signals are completely different and completely incompatible. It is not doing much more complex than splicing a son with different connector plug, in the situation.

  2. You may need an adapter to connect your computer to your TV to be found. These have a VGA adapter on one end and (usually)) is a selection of compounds in the other (S-Video, RCA Composite and Component. The good news is that you can take a TV on TV and you will be able to connect at all in touch. I recommend a wireless adapter. It costs a little more, but it is not under a huge mess of cables and do not think your computer near your TV.
    1. Identify the input connectors on the TV screen.
    2. Identify the products on your computer.
    3. Finding the right adapter for your connections.
    4. Connect your computer to your TV.
    concrete measures, please refer ...