Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Antenna Web Canada Can I Connect A Web-cam 2 A Bluetooth Antenna N Make A Connection With Dongle Connected 2 Pc?

Can i connect a web-cam 2 a bluetooth antenna n make a connection with dongle connected 2 pc? - antenna web canada

This refers to 2 mi project ... (Spy-bot) .. i hav Bluetooth transmitter (no dongle ).... I need 2 to create the images from a webcam of 2 PCs with a Bluetooth dongle ..... Can I transfer recorded the camera with transmitter ??..... he type A / D conversion is required, or do the type of microcontroller ??... the issuer will display correctly ??... will be shown on the link below, there are .....

Once again the question by showing a web-cam, is there with the type of transmitter, Tranmer 2 dongle ??..... Signals

plz help guys .......

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