Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cannon Professional Camcorder Overpriced Connector Box What Is A Good Professional Camcorder For Low Budget Home-made Movies?

What is a good Professional Camcorder for Low Budget Home-made Movies? - cannon professional camcorder overpriced connector box

I'm only 15, but I love making homemade shorts. I have a JVC Everio camcorder. Link It is not very good with lighting, sound, and not just good for everybody. I look forward to professional cameras, as used for film / TV. Here is a link to a "Canon GL2 It is not 2 / 3 thousand dollars. But my parents, your budget.

My parents for Christmas. I just noticed that a fair price and is before Christmas! I know it must have professional camcorders about 4 thats up to 9 hundred dollars. But they need help for viewing online.

Please leave links as quickly as possible. Thank you:)!

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  1. Here is a good one, is that I have. Is a Sanyo VPC-HD100. It's cheap, but the quality is impressive. It is about $ 300. It has 4 functions: It contains a video camera, digital camera, voice recorder and MP3 player. The quality is very high resolution, and the only problem is that the sound is not the best. The only problem, you should have with his films, is having to speak a little louder. I was generally very satisfied. Hope this helps!