Thursday, November 5, 2009

Silver King Blue Max What Are The Top 10 FireCrakers/FireWorks?

What Are The Top 10 FireCrakers/FireWorks? - silver king blue max

What are the top-10-Fireworks / firecrakers all these things?

M80s (10 in a block very solid)
Crackling balls (12 packets of 6 = 72 pieces)
Mighty Mites (20 packs of 50 = 100 pieces)
Bottle Rockets (12 packs of 12 = 144pcs)
Crackle air pump (with only one dish with crispy detonation LOUD) --
$ 25-12PC
Air pumps (single detonation Air Applause)-Brick, 12
10th Anniversary Ball === 6 = pc / Brick
Ball Candle 12 === 6 pieces = Brick
Screecheroo ---
Spinning Wheel --
Devilish Scream -----
Crackle Volcano ---
Source Jackpot ----
Rocket Power ---
Dancing Ghosts ------
Jumbo Bloom 6pck low (turns on the field and changes 3 times)
Electric Nights (emitted or 4 colors, silver or green ink)


Shot Inferno 24 (shoots 60 'W / 24 red stars)
A shot of Typhoon 24 (shoots 50 'W / 24 blue stars)
30 SHOT Sky Mirage (homes in 60 'W / 30 red, green and white stars)
$ 6.99
30 SHOT Ocean Mist (homes in 60 'W / 30 red and blue, stars)
30 Dragon's Breath shot (shoots 60 'W / 30 stars in the red and green)
Emerald Forest (home 25 W / 4 green stars)
Tromba Millionaire shot (at 60 'W / 24 stars with a bright green
tails of money)
Solar thermal (outbreaks in 60 "w / white and red stars w / silver tails of gold)
50 Shot Samurai Warrior (homes in 60 'W / blue stars and yellow)
50 Shot Flight of the Phoenix (homes in 60 'W / white stars and green)
Rainbow Confetti (32 shots of bright stars w / out money)
Rampage Blue (from 60 'W / 32 shots blue stars)
Silver Chyrsanthemum (houses in 60 'W / 32 shots of silver glitter
Rainbow Mosaic (from 60 'W / 32 W colorful stars / gold
Chip queue)
Jolly Pumpkins (from 60 'W / 32 Silver Stars, orange tail)
Snowball Cannon (from 60 'W / 70 images of the comet with a bright white)
70 Shot Crackling Dam (25m shot w / 70 gold stars crack long)
Diablo (56 lightning flashes of bright stars Crisp White)
Bazooka (shOOTS 60 'W / 56 stars sizzle Box)


24 Shot Pearl Battery (15m shot w / 24 comets, crackling, red and
Green Pearl)
Meteor Shower (15m shot w / 36 crackling comets)
Excited Hurricane (7 shots of crackling comet-Box)
Awesome Asteroids (7 shots Flitter Comets blank)
Draw Fire (7 shots of glitter comet w / crack and silver bees)
Illuminator (7 Comets plans Waterfall w / whirlpool FOX)
King Pin (16 shots tail gold, silver eddy turn w / red
Green Star)
Night Flyer (outbreaks in 70 "W / 19 colorful and crunchy red tail
Great White Shark (outbreaks in 70 'W / 19 shots golden tail burst
colorful fish)
Piranha (outbreaks in 70 'W / 25 red, blue and cracking blast w / Swimming
Dragon Fury (outbreaks in 70 "W / 19 shots, tails for large explosions
W Blue Star / silver fish)
Flying Swordfish (24 lakes with purple and lime, with peaks of Flowers
Crackle Stars)
Godzilla(Shoot to 25 million W / 25 shots of green tails for spinning
Cyclone (25 million trips w / 25 shots green tail feathers to save money
Crackle Celebration (fires at 180 'w / 7 alternately red and blue
Crackle my pipe
Outbreak of retaliation (70 'W / 7 gigantic comet crispy and golden) Powder Keg (source of money for 6 shots of a bright comet and mining)
Minefield (vaccines stars w / crackling high giant fountain in 6 rounds
Color and Crisp, bright
Spining silver comets and bees)
X-Factor (18 markers Silver floral burst w / impact Crossfire)
Magic Show (25m shot w / cake Mines 42 discs of purple stars, gold
punishing white palms
Gold mining tails Crisp green star whistles and white spiral
Pirates Bounty (42 shot angled cake W / gold comet, the tail of the gold
Crackling comets)
Time Warp (100 cycles pearls outbreak in a sawing motion)
The curse of the mother (25m shooting W / 40 W pistol from cake / 4 YouTube
Sources, followed by a sharp
Crackling mines, comes the flight of silver, red and white floral
Mine explosions and stars)


Nights sources (transmission or 4-color, silver or green) Police issues Scream (Devilish red or green, followed by the hiss)
Crackle Volcano (emits showers of crackling stars, conical
Giant Emerald Fountain (three sources, changes color
Jackpot source (combustion sources long w / colorful and crackles
Black Out (huge long-term sources w / colorful and crunchy


Tsunami (from 40 'W / AN ment eruptions and Aqua Crackle
Golden Dragon (shoot 70 'W comet or gold and silver increased flight
Mor gwai (rash shrill whistle 3 hours w / a blow)
Canadian Watercolor (outbreaks in 70 'W / a bunch of rainbow colors
Fireworks Fury (outbreaks in 70 'W / a large comet golden crisp)

Minas - Comets - Floral

Crackle Cascade (from 120 'w / orange, white and blue
Crackle Stars)

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  1. Rockets 1.Bottle
    2.Crackling Volcano
    Low 3.Jumbo Bloom
    Source 4.Giant Emerald
    5.Mummy 's Curse
    6.Night Flyer
    7.Silver Chyrsanthemum
    Mites 8.Mighty
    9.Black Out