Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Calculator For A Master Lock How To Find Out The Remainder Of The 9 To Power Of 17 Without Using A Calculator?

How to find out the remainder of the 9 to power of 17 without using a calculator? - calculator for a master lock

It is a general, to know how you really shows the response when a large number, the power of another number.

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  1. There is always a pattern for the "What is the last digit of x raised questions" ay-type.

    9 ^ 1 = 9
    9 ^ 2 = 81
    9 ^ 3 = 729
    .... and so on. Base 9 amounted to a foreign power is 1 as the last number 9 and when to power up to the last digit is increased 9th

    So in your case, at 9 to 17, which is a foreign power, if the last digit is 1.