Friday, November 20, 2009

Welcome New Baby Arrival, Message Is The Purpose Of Of A Baby Shower To Celebrate The Arrival Of A New Baby, And To Welcome The Little One In?

Is the purpose of of a baby shower to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, and to welcome the little one in? - welcome new baby arrival, message

Yes, baby showers, but usually before the baby's arrival. All come together to celebrate the baby is coming soon. And help the parents (or parents) to better prepare for the child.

I had two baby showers before the arrival of my daughters and after their arrival .... because it came too soon :-)

And this is not a sponge "off of friends. I never asked for a shower, but was rejected 3 people want to buy for babies. Not to spoil freinds and family to" mention the child herself. My baby is 3 months and continue to receive gifts. Also know some people who do not ... but luckily for us.

I can in one of my freinds baby showers this month ... and bought something for babies. Because we are friends, and I want to help my friend. But also because I am extremely happy that the baby is upset. And I can not wait until their use, see / use items that have purchased.

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