Friday, November 6, 2009

Signs Of Strep Throat More Condition_symptoms Are These Early Signs Of Strep Throat?

Are these early signs of strep throat? - signs of strep throat more condition_symptoms

Well, I had STREP ago, when I about 10 or 11, but I forgot what he had before, I really was. I think it could understand what I'm wondering if these are the first signs.
Queeziness stomach (the Rumble)
Funky sensation in the throat
Diareiah-(Sorry, that how you spell check)
-Loss of appetite

It is strep throat, it really bothers me, in spite of its very painful, but it is the doctors test culture to give me a fright. The last time I had when I was 10 years, had to hold four nurses to take the test swab. It was an ordeal. I'm so afraid I must go through this again. Now I am 12 and is really stupid 12 years old wines for a swab test. But still. I hate it. Please tell me this is not the symptoms! Please?
(But do not lie.)
(And if you please.)

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