Wednesday, November 4, 2009

S Shaped Bookcase How Do I Install A Curtain Rod That Will Hide A Floor To Ceiling Bookcase?

How do I install a curtain rod that will hide a floor to ceiling bookcase? - s shaped bookcase

I moved into a smaller apartment, and I try, in the storage solution to be creative is to use a library space.My cheap my parents' garage and a curtain. I think I can curtain rod ceiling 8 "hang, but my problem is how to fill the 24" sides. I basically need a stick, which is characterized |_________|. Have you done it?


  1. Try searching the site They have tons of good ideas.

    I have something similar to what you describe. Basically, it seems that floats in the air. Found no curtain rods. So I went to Home Depot and took a long round wooden rod (in the department of wood) and screwed 2 hooks in the ceiling. put (the hooks) are the leg screws, then the curtain for the staff of wood and fishing wire attaches to reach hooks. It seemed that the curtain hung in the air. I need space in 2 different areas separate.

    You can put the brackets in the book aside for their own screw, and the curtain hanging on the wooden pole so.

  2. You shower curtain rod, which is formed in this way, you could probably make one of these jobs. Is I have a curtain, for once, but an L-shaped and had combined insert a screw into the ceiling and hold a cable-by-step, you can use two hooks on the corners, along with regular ends. Good luck and I hope this helps!